Please note: We don't sell a "one size fits all" solar system. Nor do we sell systems over the phone or by using Google maps! We professionally design a system to fit your premises and needs.

To do this properly, an on-site assessment is needed. However we can provide you with a quote - subject to site asessment - to give you an idea of the cost before proceeding with the site assesment. Just fill out the accompanying form.

Please note however that there is a great variation in quality of components and therefore price.  So the price will vary depending on the quality you choose.  Our form allows you to give us an idea of what you are looking for.

Once you have the estimate, and if are happy with it, then we can arrange an on site assessment - free of charge. 

Alternately, for customers in the Illawarra (areas with phone prefix 0242) we can do a free site assesment first and then provide the quote - just go to the book an assessment page.. For customers outside this area an onsite assesment will cost $150 which will be refunded from the cost of the system should you decide to go ahead with us. If your premises is not suitable then that $150 could save you spending a lot more money than you need to (and unlike some, we will tell you if it's not suitable).

We aim to make sure you get a system that's really suited to your needs. Solar Power Pro really is the solar panels Wollongong professional. 



Customers in the Illawarra area (with phone prefix 042) can have an onsite solar assessment (valued at $150) FREE 

Customers in the Southern Highlands and Shoalhven areas can have an onsite solar assessment at 50% OFF!  Or FREE after in-principle acceptance of estimate quote.








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Should you require an estimate on more than one size or quality of system, please fill in and send addtional forms or include details in comments section.

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