The Solar Power Pro - Wollongong

If you’re thinking about solar panels and a solar power system for your home or business who would you rather deal with:

  • A salesman?

  • An office worker?

  • A Solar Power Installer and tradesman who has designed and installed well over a thousand solar systems in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, as well as the Sydney metropolitan area?

Six reasons to deal with The Solar Power Pro

  1. EXPERTISE: The Solar Power Pro is a Clean Energy Council accredited solar PV designer and installer and licensed electrician. You are not dealing with an office worker or salesperson who have been given a crash course in what to say to sell solar but you are dealing directly with an accredited professional who truly understands solar power and who can clearly answer your questions and explain your options. – For examples see Solar Power FAQ

  2. EXPERIENCE: The Solar Power Pro has designed and installed well over a thousand solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. While some installers and companies install solar panels and systems as a part of their business – this is our business. The Solar Power Pro works exclusively on Solar Power and has done so for 10 years now - making him one of the most experienced installers in the Illawarra. – For more see About

  3. HONESTY: The Solar Power Pro tells it like it is. The truth is a precious and sometimes rare commodity - but it's what you get when dealing with The Solar Power Pro. As an accredited installer he has signed up to the Clean Energy Council code of conduct. Unlike salesmen who can move from company to company and aren’t really answerable for what they say, it’s his business, and as he is a local, his reputation is of utmost importance so he stands by what he says. And because Solar PV is such a great investment, The Solar Power Pro believes the truth is the best sales pitch.

  4. QUALITY: The Solar Power Pro and his crew take pride in their work. Unlike jobs done by subcontractors for sales companies who just want to throw the system in as quickly as possible - The Solar Power Pro puts his name and reputation on every job. Shonky products and workmanship are not worth the risk no matter how cheap. He recommends using top quality components and installs them to the highest standards. Such a system will last for decades giving you free power from the sun well into the future and a great return for your investment. – For more see information see Solar Power FAQ

  5. OPTIONS: We don’t sell a “one size fits all” Solar PV system over the phone or by using google maps. (Be wary of those who do!) To get the most from a solar system it should be specifically designed for your site. Prior to signing contracts we do a proper on site assessment, answer your questions and can provide you with a performance estimation. Additionally, we are not tied into any products but can give you a choice of solar panels and inverters to suit your particular needs and budget. We can even arrange finance options.

  6. PRICE: As The Solar Power Pro doesn’t have the high overheads of many companies, he can provide a high quality system at a great price. Generous government incentives are still available and he can look after all the paperwork and provide you with an upfront discount from the incentives - making it even greater value. Why not contact us to arrange an assessment and quote? - See Contact