Maintenance and Repairs

We provide maintenance and repair services on existing solar power systems - including inverter replacements, warranty and insurance work. If your inverter or system isn't working properly we can check your system and provide you with options to get it going again.

We also can do a full maintenance service. Our standard maintenance service includes a thorough clean of all the panels to remove any grime build up which can affect the panels performance.

If your system was installed several years ago, we recommend a maintenance check. Particularly if it was installed prior to February 2011 or during the solar bonus scheme, we recommend your system undergo a maintenance check for the following reasons:

  • Australian Standards requires that owners of Solar Power Systems are provided with a maintenance schedule. Many owners of older systems were not provided with this and are not aware of recommended maintenance needs.

  • Through experience, the industry has improved its regulations and practices. Practices that were previously acceptable have been found to allow possible problems to develop.

  • The CEC regulations and Australian Standards have been updated and upgraded several times since 2010 - and continue to be updated. These updates address inadequacies in previous regulations and improve system safety.

  • Unfortunately, many systems installed during the solar bonus scheme (those that received the 60c and 20c feed in tariff) were installed by companies out to make a quick buck and who are no longer in business. Some of these systems were installed poorly and should be checked ASAP.

  • Maintenance of your system can help ensure both that it's working properly (earning you the best return possible) and that it's safe. As most systems installed years ago are considered small by today's standards, we can also provide options for upgrading your system to suit current needs.