CEC Accreditation

In addition to being a licensed electrician, Guy is also a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited solar system designer and installer. The CEC is the government appointed regulator for the solar industry. They require accredited installers to meet certain requirements to attain and keep their accreditation. Included in those requirements are:

  • having undergone necessary solar training from a recognized training body

  • supplying evidence of required insurance

  • having a current electrical license

  • signing up to Clean Energy Council Accreditation Code of Conduct

  • Accredited installers are also required to continually update and refresh their knowledge and skills.

Included in the Code of Conduct is that persons holding CEC accreditation “shall deal honestly and truthfully with clients” and “shall….avoid any potentially misleading statements”. The code also states that failure to abide by the code may result in “suspension or cancellation of accreditation”.

When it comes to designing or quoting your solar system, it’s important to note that salesmen, office staff etc. who work for solar companies are usually not accredited persons and therefore not properly trained, are not signatories to the code of conduct, and not directly answerable to the CEC. (Always ask to see their CEC photo ID accreditation to be sure). See - What to Know Before Buying a Solar System - 4 Traps to Avoid!

When it comes to installing your system it’s essential that the installer is not only an electrician but also a CEC accredited solar installer. Solar power and the accompanying regulations are different in many ways from normal electrical installations. If they are not installed by an accredited installer your installation could well be unsafe!

These are important reasons to deal directly with an accredited solar power professional like The Solar Power Pro - where both Guy and Marcel are licensed electricians and accredited solar installers. See six important reasons to deal with The Solar Power Pro on our Home page.

Further information can be found on the CEC website at www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au & www.solaraccreditation.com.au