Are Incentives Available?

Yes. There is some confusion about this as there have been both federal and state government incentives which have changed regularly. Currently there still is a generous federal government incentive which allows you to create Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) when you install a solar power system. These STCs are sold in a market type environment, meaning that the price goes up and down depending on demand. Please note that the amount of STCs created for a solar system will gradually reduce each year on January 1 till 2030 - when it will be zero.

You can hold on to and arrange to trade the STCs yourself or you can hand them over to us on installation of your system. If you decide to hand over your STCs then we will give a point of sale discount based on the amount of STCs you will create (which depends on the size of your system and the price of STCs at the time). Most people choose to do this as its easier. However, if the STC price is low, and you are willing to wait to sell your STCs, you may get a considerably higher price. If you choose to sell them yourself we can assist you with the paperwork.

In addition to STCs electricity companies will generally pay you for any electricity you don't use but feed back into the grid (commonly referred to as the feed-in-tariff) They usually give this as a credit to you thus further reducing your electricity bill. The amount they will vary with different companies as well as within their different plans - so it can pay to shop around and see who will give you the best deal.

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