What Difference Is There Between Brands of Solar Panels and Inverters?

That’s a good question and often a confusing one for customers – sometimes because those selling solar systems make it that way.

If you look at the specifications of different solar panels or inverter brands they are very similar, although there are some differences to the trained eye. Likewise the warranties offered are similar if not identical for most solar panels and inverters. Yet there is often quite a substantial difference in price. So what’s the real difference?

In practice it often comes down to quality, reliability and the worth of the warranty. A cheaper solar panel or inverter may have almost as good specifications as a more expensive brand but will it be performing to those specifications (or working at all) in a few years time? Trusted, proven brands with a reputation for quality give you confidence that your solar system will be working well and saving you money decades into the future. It’s similar with warranties. It’s good to remember the warranties for panels and inverters are manufacturer’s warranties. It could be a great sounding warranty – but will the manufacturer be around in five or ten years time to honour it?

I always recommend using premium quality components but recognize that people have different needs and budgets. So we can price various options for you such as a premium quality system or a high quality system or even a budget system. In each case we select the best possible quality in that price range. We will however be upfront in telling you which range the products are in and the brand name of each product. For why that’s important see - What do I need to know before buying a solar system? - 4 traps to avoid!