What Size Solar System Should I Get?

That depends on several factors with three important ones being:

a) How much roof space or other appropriate area do I have available to install solar panels?
b) How much electricity do I use?
c) What is my budget?

Obviously you can’t install a bigger system than you have room for. Also, it’s good to work out your usage of electricity and roughly how much of that you would like to offset by your solar system. That decision will be influenced by your budget – i.e. how much you spend will obviously equate to how big a system you will have.

Looking at the average daily usage in kilowatt hours (kwh) on your bill is a good starting point in determining the right size system. However, before being able to make an informed final decision, you really need to have a professional site assessment done. That’s why we don’t sell solar systems over the phone but will arrange to come out and inspect your site as well as talk to you about your needs before finalizing any decision on your solar system.