How Will A Solar System Affect My Electricity Bill?

Obviously a solar system will reduce your electricity bill. By how much will depend on several factors including (1) The size of your solar system. (2) How much electricity you use. (3) When you use it.

Points (1) and (2) are pretty much self explanatory. Point (3) relates to net metering which is now the way solar systems are metered in NSW. Net metering means that the power you produce from your solar system goes first to your premises for use. If you are drawing power in your premises then your solar system will supply that power if it’s producing sufficiently to do so. If your solar system is producing more power than you’re using the excess power (net amount) will be exported to the electricity grid. If you are not producing enough power to supply what you are drawing you will import the rest from the electricity grid.

Most electricity providers in NSW pay you for any electricity you export to the grid (usually called the feed-in-tariff) by giving you a credit on your bill - although not as much as they charge you for the electricity you buy from them. Rates can vary from company to company and even the same company can have various plans with different rates, so it pays to shop around. In recent times rates have improved and it can make a real difference to your overall bill.

However, the more you use your electricity as your system is producing it, the more you will save. We recommend some common sense changes to your usage, such as using your appliances during the day when you are producing electricity rather than at night when you’re not, and installing energy efficient lighting as ways to get the most saving out of your system.